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  • Vibriosis is an important disease problem in hatcheries and fish culture ponds. Most of the Vibrio sps are part of the autochthonous flora of marine water (Baumann and Baumann, 1981) and therefore the source of infection is suspected to be near shore sea water
  • The occurrence of mortalities of fish affected with Vibriosis is preceded by the dominance of Vibro sps, in the rearing pond water. Leano etal (1998) reported the Vibrio present in the environment can enter in to the fish through ingestion of the feed and rearing water which are loaded with large quantities of pathogens. Thus continuous ingestion of bacteria by the fish initiates the colonization of the pathogen in the digestive system.
  • Herbal Vibro-static Extracts


  • It contains 100% herbal extracts of Vibrio-static nature.
  • It effectively controls Vibrio load in water.
  • It improves water quality.


  • 500 Ml, 1 Lt, 20 Lt


  • 2-3 Lt /acre once in 15 days.