Fish Products



  • VIVOLYTE: Removes toxic gases like Ammonia, H2S & Nitrites due to that effectively reducing the formation of Black soil.
  • VIVOLYTE: Improves water quality and D.O. levels in pond water. It increases feed intake and glaze of fi sh. It stabilizes physio chemical parameters of pond water. It provides favourable conditions to fish growth.
  • VIVOLYTE: Oxidising agents help in increasing D.O. levels in pond water and maintaining it for long period.
  • VIVOLYTE: The presence of trace elements in this product helps to ensure good phyto and zoo plankton blooms.


  • 1Kg, 5Kg, 25Kg


  • 10-20 kg/acre, during culture or 20 to 50 kg/acre, during pond preparation. As suggested by consultant