Veterinary Products

Vivo Bloat


  • Extract of special selective herbs along with essential loils having anti frothing, antizymotic, antacid and digestive stimulant properties.


  • It is the best anti frothing agent, breaks the froth and makes the route clear for easy expulsion of gases
  • It is also a best antizymotic agent and stops excess fermentations as well as production of excess gases
  • It is palatable with good natural flavor and well accepted by the animal for oral administration
  • Very safe, no side effects in the stomach
  • Animal feels nil stress unlike in other chemical preparations for the same purpose
  • Very effective, quick action and animal feels complete relaxation immedetialy after administration
  • Helps to maintain normal ruminal pH


  • 100 Ml, 500 Ml


  • Cattle/ Buffaloes/horse: 100ml or 100mg/animal.
  • Sheep & goat: 50 ml or 50 gms/animal (Or) as advised by a veterinarian.
  • Note: if the problem is severe admistration both liquid and powder doses alternatively with 15 minutes interval.