Poultry Products

Vb-Toltra 5%


Each 100 Ml Contains

  • Toltrazuril - 5000 mg
  • Excipients - Q.S


  • For prevention and treatment of infections caused by coccidiosis of poultry
  • Have a quick action on chicken Eimeria tenella, E.Acervulina, E.Necatrix, E.Brunetti, E.maxima
  • Control the emergence and death of the caecum coccidiosis after using medicine,and can make ootheca of chickens coccidiosis disappear
  • The effectiveness of preventment and treatment is superior to other coccidiosis


  • 500 Ml, 1 Lt, 20 Lt

Administration & Dosage

  • Orally through drinking water
  • 0.5 ml Toltrazuril-5% 1ltr of drinking water 7 ml Toltrazuril-5% 1kg Body weight per day for 2 consecutive days or 1 ml of solution/ 1 Lit of drinking water for 2 consecutive days. For severe infections the treatment may be repeated 5 days later
  • Withdrawal: Meat: Broilers: 14 days
  • Caution: Do not use in layers producing eggs for human consumption
  • Storage: Store at temp. Below 250c, away from direct sun light