Prawn Products



  • An Imported Special Microaerophyllic Microbes having Bio Degredant Nature, which are powerful and energetic, living ‘ Engines’ that love to consume the pond bottom pollution.


  • Clears bottom sludge and avoid decomposition thus provides more space for prawn to eat and swim.
  • Clear off the excessive organic load and block soil.
  • Reduces noxious gases and toxic metabolites in the pond.
  • Prevents/ reduces the production of noxious gases like H2S, SO2, NH3 etc.
  • Reduces bacterial load and prevents the multiplication of pathogenic bacteria i.e VIBRIO etc.
  • Works in aerobic and anaerobic conditions.
  • Creates Healthy pond bottom environment.


  • 10 Kgs.


  • 10 kg/Acre at the time of pond preparation.
  • 5 Kg/Acre once in 15 days during culture or as advised by Aqua Culture consultant.