Prawn Products

Shell Soft


  • EDTA or Ethylene Di-Amine-Tetra Acetic Acid is novel molecule for complexing metal ions. The special property of EDTA is chelation. Chelation is the capture of positive charged metal ions by a large molecule. EDTA has the capacity to chelate almost the all positive ions more so calcium. EDTA has it own importance in aquatic ecosystem especially in bore water vannamei culture.


  • Reduce hardness of the shell & aiding in moulting.
  • Maintenance of alkalinity for good plankton bloom.
  • Reduces heavy metalload.
  • Controls external fouling, black/yellow gills in shrimp.
  • Reduces plankton collapse.


  • 30 kgs


  • 2 kg/hectare-Mix with pond water and apply (For best result run aerators while application).