Fish Products



  • Bacillu sps
  • Nitrobacter
  • Thio bacillus
  • Nitrosomonas
  • Nitroso Coccus
  • Psuedo Coccus
  • Bacillus Termodenitricus


  • Digest the unused organic substaces including proteins, Carbohydrates, Lipids.
  • It reduces COD and BOD levels.
  • It controls all types of harmful bacteria toxic unwanted gases and provides favourable environement of Prawn/ fish growth.
  • AQUA - NB Oxidizes NO2 to NO3


  • Best growth promoter and lmmuno stimulant.
  • Helps to prevent disease outbreaks.
  • Provides high biological value protein.


  • 500 gm pouch


  • 1 kg/Ton of feed

Our care for the natural living is very much depicted through our logo & our produce, the earth’s oldest living plant “SPIRULINA” Nature food a superior spirulina powder is a result of our intensive research in this micro algal technology. Spirulina is the nature’s most nutrious wholesome food on earth. This is the best whole food source of Protein, Beta-carotene, GLA, Vitamins, Minerals, Amino acids & essential fatty Acids.