Prawn Products



  • Aqua Yeast plus containing yeast which is a great source of prebiotics, minerals, vitamins and amino acids. It having high fermentation capacity and improves in production of useful bacteria and make probiotics work effectively. It helps in increasing pond bottom condition.


As Feed Supplement

  • Reduces FCR and increases digestibility of feed.
  • Reduces stress keeps shrimp healthy
  • Keeps healthy intestine.
  • Natural protein source.
  • Feed intake increases.

As Prawn Application

  • All probiotics used in pond work effectively.
  • Improves natural food in pond.
  • Reduces the need of water exchange.
  • Maintain good plankton bloom


  • For Prawn Application


  • 1 Kg


  • Feed supplement: 5 grams/ Kg of feed. Pond Application: 2 Kg/ Hectare (OR) as directed by Aqua Consultant.
  • For Pond Application: Add 5 Kgs of Molasses OR Jaggery OR Sugar to 50 Ltrs of bore water, mix well and add 2 Kg of KZ-Yeast Plus. Keep it for brewing for 24 hrs. Apply this mixture over the pond.