Poultry Products



  • Nonyl alkyl phenoxy poly etheylene oxide iodine complex provides available iodine : 2.0%


  • Microdine is a perfect disinfectant and sanitizer.
  • Makes the poultry shed free from microbial pathogens (after spray).
  • Makes the drinking water (poultry) free from microbial pathogens (after treatment).
  • Highly useful to make sterile foot baths, to clean hatchery.equipment, egg trays and other utensils used in poultry farms, hatcheries etc.


  • Vacant farm / shed 10 ml./litre
  • uniform spray Foot baths 20 ml./litre mix in water
  • Drinking water 1 ml./10 litres mix in water Equipment (farm) 20 ml./litre
  • soak for 1 hour Hatchery & Incubators 20 ml./litre
  • uniform spray Hatching eggs 20 ml./litre dip eggs & dry
  • Plastic trays 20 ml./litre dip & dry