Poultry Products



  • Ciprofloxacin : 1000mg as Ciprofloxacin Hcl : I.P Excipients : Q.S


  • For the prevention and treatment of CRD, CCRD, Coli.
  • bacillosis Pulloram & fowl/ Typhoid Staphylococcal infection Coryza Secondary bacterial infections of viral outbreaks.

Special Features

  • Broad spectrum activity.
  • Wide safety margin even in higher doses.
  • Rapid absorption and fast action.


  • Orally, through drinking water: Poultry: Preventive use: 1gram / 4liters -3days.
  • Treatment use: 1gram / 1-2 liters -3-5 days or as advised by a Veterinarian.
  • Withdrawl time: 10 days for broiler.