Poultry Products

Better Eggs


  • Chromium, yeast complex, special selective herbs and chelated minerals in suitable proportions

Main Functions

  • Enhances insulin function and optimises reproduction cycle for daily egg production
  • Stimulates ovaries and helps for un interrupted ovulation
  • Improves the contents of yolk and albumen in the egg for good size eggs
  • Helps for more strong shells than normal shells of egg
  • Improves digestion and utilisation of nutrients



  • Improves egg production to its maximum.
  • Maintains peaks for longer periods, Improves egg size and egg quality.
  • Better health, better FCR and better profits


  • 500 gms, 1 Kg, 25 Kg


  • Commercial layers: 500 gms /ton of feed continuously.
  • Breeders: 1kg/ton of Feed continuously
  • Special Note: Commercial layers: 500 gms / ton of feed continuously
  • Breeders: 1kg/ton of feed continuously.