Poultry Products



  • Zinc Bacitracin 15%


  • It is a polypeptide antibiotic and has strong anti bacterial properties on both gram positive and gram negative bacteria.
  • Best and safe alternative for weight gains, feed conversion efficiency.
  • Best growth promoter in broilers and best egg enhancer in layers.


  • Helps for better growth and body weights.
  • No tissue residues and no drug residues.
  • Controls all mild infections due to gram positive and gram negative bacteria.


  • Zinc Bacitracin is a new kind of anti bacterial feed supplement with stable potency and function. Zinc bacitracin is the zinc complex of bacitracin and consist of one or more of the anti microbial poly peptides produced by certain strains of bacillus lincheniformis and by bacillus subtillis.


  • Broilers : 250 gm/ton of feed
  • Exipients Q.S
  • Layers : 300 gm / ton of feed
  • Piglets : 350 gm / ton of feed
  • Cattle : 750 gm / ton of feed
  • Package : 1 kg