Poultry Products



  • Mixture of 12 special selective herbal preparations having functional properties as growth promoter, immuno modulator, Blood purifier, anti microbial agent & digestant


  • Fast growth & better body weights.
  • Better immunity and more survivals.
  • Controls sub clinical infections.
  • Economical FCR and more profits.
  • Higher egg productions and egg quality.
  • Less need of anti-biotics.
  • Better fertility and hatchability in breeders.
  • Provides more and better quality meat with less fat and more proteins.

Special Features

  • Purifies blood by elimination of pollutants.
  • Effectively carries blood to all the tissues.
  • Stimulates each cell of tissues.
  • Arrests the growth of pathogenic microbes.


  • Routine use - 250 gms./ton of feed daily.
  • Stress condition / higher microbial load - 1kg / ton of feed 7 days.