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VIVO BIO SCIENCES (VBS) established in the year of 1999 by a team of Professionals in the field of Aquaculture, poultry, Veterinary, Pharmacology, and Pathology. We are in VBS preparing for change before change beckons. Harnessing the power of innovative research. Providing high-quality medicines for a healthier Animal kingdom. Prime objective of the company is produce result orientated; need based and cost effective products to the world animal Health care. We are having in-house R&D for continuous research on recent problems i with the support of eminent scientists from National and International Research Organizations. We have been studying site specifying problems and producing site-specific products.

Today VIVO BIO SCIENCES is distinguished by a strong and growing presence in the Indian livestock markets, exporting its products to Asia pacific region by a team of dedicated technical sales officers. The Company has its headquarters and Manufacturing plants in Vijayawada, the business capital of Andhra Pradesh, India and has technical and marketing professionals in all potential areas worldwide. Our strong portfolio of businesses, geographies and products gives us an edge in an increasingly competitive global market and allows us to provide affordable medication to live stock animals across the world, regardless of geographic and socio-economic barriers.



VBS believes in long-term benefits in sustainable way. We develop the formulations that are Eco-Friendly, no side effects
and residues. We think into the costumer angle and develop the products which are result oriented and most economical.
The seeds of Sustainability were sown right at the beginning, at the very inception of VBS. The Company’s inbred
altruistic nature manifested itself by serving unmet medical needs and offering access to affordable and innovative
medicines for animal kingdom at large.
The Sustainability DNA is not only a management trait, but is active and evolving in every person in VBS‘s orbit. The
manifestation of this will continue to gain the Company goodwill and trust from its stakeholders, ensuring its place at the
forefront of the industry for all time to come. Sustainability has a positive effect on each one of us – and goes beyond, to
involve not just the organization, but the immediate community in which we function and all of society. At VBS, we believe
that we need to be the change we want to see. This is why we emphasize that Sustainability is not just the domain of
Senior Management or the Sustainability Department, but it requires the active support and unbridled enthusiasm of each
and every stakeholder.



VBS advocates a customer-centric approach that has filtered down to every decision and action of VBS. An open culture,
participative management practices, innovation, continuous improvement, speedy response, empowerment of individuals
and enjoyment of one’s job and contribution to the community - all hallmarks of VBS culture.



VBS produces the range of products covering… feed additives/premixes of various kinds... vitamins, minerals, amino
acids, probiotics, prebiotics, enzymes, Toxic binders and Herbal products from finest quality raw materials. These
products comply with the international standards and norms and are offered to our clients in several packages and
specifications. The disinfectants offered by us are used for pond sanitation, our feed supplements are used as growth
promoters, liver protector and probiotics are for animal health care. There has been a severe limitation on the use of
antibiotics in therapeutic or sub-therapeutic doses in animals with regards to the increasing public concerns about
bacterial resistance to the same. This highlights the domain of enteric diseases, which are one of the major economic concerns in the live stock industry these days. To avoid usage of antibiotics, better growth we have formulated several
products with the combination of enzymes, probiotics and minerals to reduce FCR (feed conversion ratio) and
Stimulating pancreatic secretions (better digestion). Promoting antibacterial/ antifungal activity in feed & gut
Feed cannot be formulated with vitamins and amino acids as they loose their structural properties and are ineffective
under high temperature processing of feed . Since fish and shrimp do not have mechanisms to synthesize essential
vitamins and amino acids, it is important of a supplement of these to the feed. These nutrients are helpful in healthy
growth and development of defense mechanism of fish and shrimps and are useful in countering the diseases.

We have developed several products, specifically formulated with useful minerals, nutrients, vitamins, amino acids,
probiotics and immunostimulants that are used for value added feed supplementation at various stages of growing. This helps in the cultured species grow healthy and faster. Helping in of cost and energy savings with lesser problems in culture.

According to scientific researches, more than 25% of the feed is not consumed by the fish/ shrimp and is disintegrated in to the pond water. This disintegrated feed gets accumulated at the bottom of the pond and over a period of time generates toxic gases like nitrite, hydrogen sulfide, and ammonia because of its protein rich nature. This in-turn creates anoxic conditions at the pond bottom that makes the shrimp/ fish become restless and stressed during rest time. This in-turn makes the species physically weak and more vulnerable to primary infection of pathogenic bacterial and protozoan attack and secondary infection of viruses. In order to maintain toxic free pond bottom and prevent anoxic conditions, we have come up with AMMONIL a perfect combination of biological and chemical toxic gas adsorbent that is helpful in preventing the primary infection at the bottom. This adsorbent has high cationic exchange capacity that effectively controls the toxic pollutants and also improves oxygen component in the pond water. Like wise we are having a special product called SOIL-RECHARGER-A Special minerals for Aquaculture to recharge soil for better productivity and to develop Natural food source. We are one of the trusted exporters and suppliers of an extensive range of specially designed, high quality disinfectants/ sanitizers, feed supplements, growth promoters, probiotics and pond bottom and water pollutant adsorbents for Aquaculture, poultry, Veterinary segment. VBS product range has been developed scientifically with utmost care for the aquaculture and animal health care. During the research and development of the product range, particular focus was placed on product efficacy against their particular target and cost effectiveness, to give the user the ultimate confidence.



Minimum dosage Non-toxic and biodegradable (sanitizer) ·
Enriched with vital nutrients These are offered to our clients in various brands and are available at industry leading price. There are several herbs and their extracts that have played a vital role in improving human and animal health. Since times immemorial, India and several other countries have deployed these herbs for the formulation of active chemical compounds. Some of the herbs that have been identified and extracted by researchers for improving human and animal< health are:

Tinospora Cordifolia




Bergania Lingualata




Phillanthus Emblica

Known for strong anti-inflammatory action Useful in stress conditions caused due to inflammation Liver tonic for improving body metabolism and growth Also acts as a potent immuno-stimulant.


Clears the infection of urinary tract by acting on the calculi Exerts strong diuretic action Relieves both kidney and heart for normalizing the metabolism.


Effective antioxidant as vitamin E Decreases the level of lipid peroxidation curcuma longa Protects from damage to the cells when fed regularly.

Being a customer oriented firm, all our endeavors are directed towards client satisfaction. For doing so, we take special care in producing our disinfectants, feed supplements, growth promoters and probiotics., we sourced our raw materials trustworthy vendors based across the globe.


We assure to abide by credible procurement procedures and thus we are capable of exporting our disinfectants, feed supplements, growth promoters and probiotics in stipulated time frame. Further, we make sure that we procure products at industry leading prices, which would help us in maintaining the trust of our clients and a positive market image. To ensure that clients are completely satisfied, we offer them with only branded disinfectants, feed supplements, growth promoters and probiotics.

We consider quality as an integrated part of our organization. In order to ensure highest standards of quality in our range of disinfectants, feed supplements, growth promoters and probiotics, we have nurtured a quality assurance team. These quality inspectors take preventive measures for any shortcomings related to our herbal supplements and chemical products. We are maintaining consistent checking our incoming stock on the following parameters:


Appearance ·Purity ·Non contamination ·Effectiveness
Based on these factors, coupled up with our client centric approach, we have been able to garner wide appreciation of several
companies across the globe.

Our warehouse is categorically structured and properly ventilated that assists in the safe storage of our range of disinfectants,
feed supplements, growth promoters and probiotics. We assure an appropriate temperature at the storage premises so that the quality of our products is intact and any outside elements like dust and moisture cannot hamper the physical and reactive properties of our products.


We have employed a team of packaging experts who make sure to pack our disinfectants, feed supplements, growth promoters and probiotics in high-grade packing material. They make use of HDPE bags, sachs, bottles and drums for safe and hygienic packaging of our consignments. To cater to the specific demands of our clients, we also undertake customized
packaging of our products. We are a client driven entity that.lays extreme focus on meeting the requirements of clients. By assuring optimum quality of our disinfectants, feed supplements, growth promoters and probiotics, we have been able to garner the trust and confidence of our clients that are spread across the globe. With our policy of effective and customized packaging, and our endeavors for timely deliveries, we have been able to gain an edge in the highly competitive market.


Our vision to develop VBS is a global chemical and biotechnological company To be the best Indian Global Animal Healthcare Company that has grown by leveraging two powerful trends impacting the world of medicine - globalisation and biotechnology ·To safe guard animal kingdom from diseases, Water Quality Problems and Poor growth. ·To produce Ecofriendly, unique and high quality formulations by continuous R&D Activities. · To provide high returns to the farmers, employees and all other stakeholders who are associated with this company.


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